According to yesterday's statement by the Party of Regions faction Council in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Party of Regions faction is deeply disturbed by a systemic crisis within the bodies of executive power in Ukraine. Outspoken confrontation is waged among the decision makers. It makes the Ukrainian authorities incapable, inefficient on the whole and undermines the bases of Ukrainian state system.

There is no Minister for Foreign Affairs in the government, the Finance Minister escaped, Minister for Internal Affairs is a drunkard, found himself in the spotlight of an international scandal, Prime Minister directly accuses the Defense Minister of corruption.

The Party of Regions, as the sole parliamentary opposition, sets a just question – is there a government in Ukraine? Can it work full-fledged and protect our citizens from crisis?

The authorities forgot about the crisis, that hundreds of thousands of the unemployed have no living, and a lot of people, who were lucky to save their job, do not receive wages.

Small businesses, being destroyed by the power with exhausting extortions, are holding a rally. The government pretends that nothing happens, occupying itself only with elections and plunging the country into a disaster.

The Party of Regions demands to take immediate measures on protection of the citizens from crisis, revise the budget towards an increase of social payments and ensure the authorities’ capable, efficient work.
Source: Party of Regions press service


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