President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko declares that he will not support the state budget for 2009 if the financing sum for army is not changed.

"As a president I don't like the budget. I cannot support it and will not," he told a briefing in Rivne regions after the military trainings.

According to Yushchenko, "with such budget we can forget about development of Ukrainian army."

The President noted that the real increase of army financing for the next year is 3 milliard hryvnias, but if we take into account the inflation, this sum will turn into only 1 milliard.

He also said that current distribution of financing with 80 percent going for maintenance, 14 to 16 percent for exercises and only 5 percent at best for the development of the army is a wrong approach.

"The army has never had worst financing than this one," the President noted. He asked to avoid politicking.

Yushchenko also considers that such policy of the Cabinet threats the state program of army's conversion to the contract form of serving.


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