If Yushchenko had visited destroyed Tskhivalli he would had never sold weapon to Georgia, said Ossetia representative in Ukraine Askharbek Kochiev.

He underlined that everybody in the world sell weapon, but on auctions; and a seller does not know where his weapon will end up.

“But when Yushchenko sold weapon to his dear Miko, he knew it would be used against civilian population of Ossetia. And I think it is a crime,” Kochiev pointed out.

The official advised Yushchenko to have personal talks with survived citizens to know about terrible events and crimes, like blasting, raping and decapitating. “How could such things happen in 21 century?” he added.

“I am ready to take Yushchenko to Tskhivalli right now, so he can talk to the children, whose parents were shot with Ukrainian weapon,” he said.


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