New project “Transcarpathian wine tour” was presented recently in Uzhhorod.

As UNIAN’s correspondent reports, it includes visit to old wine cellars of the region and testing of Transcarpathian wines.

The idea to create a tour was offered by private wine maker Oleksandr Kovach. The initiative was supported by other private makers of sun drink and, together with the Department on European integration and tourism and resorts of the Zakarpattya regional state administration, they worked out this tour.

“Trancarpathian wine tour” is a 3 day tour in the Uzhhorodskyi, Mukachivskyi and Berehivskyi districts of the region. The tour goes through old Transcarpathian fortresses, thermal pools of Berehivskyi district, lime path in Uzhhorod (the longest in Europe) and wine cellars.

The testing halls offer both popular Trancarpathian branded wines, like “Rose of Zakarpattya” and new sorts of wines (wine created of 4 kinds of forest berries). The tourists can also taste Transcarpathian cooking. The tour was made by the scheme “all included”.

“Transcarpathian wine tour “is the first attempt to promote wine tourism in Ukraine,” as Kovach said to UNIAN’s correspondent. “Home wine and rural tourism are inseparable things. That is why we decided to follow the example of private wine makers from Hungary, who realize themselves in green tourism”.


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