Over 80% of issues linked to celebrations of the 225th anniversary of the creation of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have been resolved, the first deputy head of the Sevastopol city administration, Volodymyr Kazarin said. Cabinet's press office reports.

Commenting on reports by media that Ukraine allegedly prevents the fleet from celebrating festive events, he said that the Russian Black Sea Fleet and Ukrainian Navy would jointly mark this jubilee date, because they, as Georgian Navy as well, "were born in the same cradle."

The only topic of disputes, Kazarin said, was the holding of a naval holiday on May 11. He said that according to Ukrainian Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov, it would be unwise to organize this event, because another four parades should be held in Sevastopol within the next three months.

It was too much for Sevastopol, as the issue is not only about the show, but also about the city's economic and social infrastructure, Kazarin said.


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