People’s deputy from the BYuT Ostap Semerak has stated that he doesn’t know about agreement of the BYuT and the PR to raise minimum number of votes for political, which are necessary in order to enter the VRU at the next parliamentary elections parties. He stated in an exclusive interview with the ForUm’s correspondent, commenting on the corresponding statement of the Volodymyr Lytvyn.

According to Semerak, the BYuT faction doesn’t hold any behind-the-scenes negotiations, without the agreement with the coalition. “The existence of the democratic coalition is very important for us, and the BYuT confirms all interfaction agreements, first of all, with the OU-PSD faction,” the People’s deputy assured.

Semerak is sure that information of Lytvyn doesn’t correspond with reality. According to him, such statement is caused by the discussion, which has been started in the parliament concerning the election legislation.


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