Prime Minister of Ukraine has no doubts that her government will work stable and long. Yulia Tymoshenkosaid thatat the enhanced sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine devoted to 100 days of its activity. She emphasized that by estimation of the Global Strategy Institute, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the most transparent, the most efficient power institution in Ukraine. “I think, we have achieved the results we aspired for. And I have no doubts that our Government will work stable and long,” she stressed, Cabinet press service reported.

Moreover, Yulia Tymoshenko has offered all ministers to hold open meetings with public participation and report on every direction of their work. “I would like the whole Government could feel that there is Ukrainian breakthrough in every ministry and reforms are carried out at system level”.

Additionally, Yulia Tymoshenko stressed that there is no time anymore for postponing introduction of order in the state. “We are facing deep processes of devastation…I believe, if we came in a year then the Government House would be also privatized on the basis of corruption,” the Prime Minister of Ukraine noted.


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