President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko stands against the giving Russian language a status of the second State language in Ukraine. The Head of the State stated on Thursday at the concluding press conference.

He has noted that at the referendum on this question he voted against giving Russian language the status of the second State language. Yushchenko has emphasized that he respects the regulations of the Constitution, where it is written that Ukraine has only one State language – the Ukrainian language.

At the same he has emphasized that every national minority is respected in Ukraine. “Every person, who lives in Ukraine, in spite of his or her roots, has the right to speak native language, the right to go to kindergartens, where the language of the minority is spoken...,” the President said.

The Head of the State has assured that about 100 Hungarian schools, tens of Bulgarian, Greek, Jewish and thousands of Russian language schools are acting in Ukraine.

He has noted that the State status of the Ukrainian language shouldn’t be estimated as the policy against another language. “Our language policy answers European standards and is liberal,” Yushchenko emphasized.


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