People’s deputy from the OU-PSD Ruslan Knyazevych considers nomination of communist of Adam Martynyuk to the post of the first vice speaker as incorrect. He stated in an exclusive interview with ForUm’s correspondent.

He has noted that if another candidacy to this post is proposed, for example PR member Raisa Bohatyryova, then the OU-PSD will support this appointment.

He has noted that if the minority doesn’t decide on the candidacy of the first vice speaker, then the presidium of the VRU will work on that vacant position.

According to Knyazevych, the OU-PSD faction discussed the question on presentation of the position of the first vice speaker to representatives of the coalition. “But I think this wouldn’t be right. There is no civilized parliamentary democracy, where the chair in the presidium wouldn’t be given to the opposition,” the parliamentarian said.


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