People’s deputies from Party of Regions, CPU and Lytvyn bloc break the Constitution, having refused to participate in the sitting of the working group on preparation for the first session of the VRU. The representative of the OU-PSD” bloc Roman Zvarych said that yesterday, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

"According to the Constitution, the VRU session must be held within 30 days after official publicizing of election results. The Constitution is an convincing argument. I do not undertand how a person who wants to be a people’s deputy refuses to follow the Constitutional obligations,” Zvarych said.

According to him, propositions of Raisa Bohatyryova (PR) to postpone the sitting of the working group until CEC finishes registration of all People’s deputies are not a reason to refuse from participation in the sitting.

As a reminder, on Tuesday the sitting of the working group on VRU session preparation was scheduled. However, representative of PR Raisa Bohatyryova proposed to postpone the sitting until all People’s deputies are registered by CEC. Representatives of PR, CPU and Lytvyn bloc left the sitting of the working group. As a result of that, the sitting of the working group was postponed for Wednesday at 15.00.


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