Labour and Social policy Minister of Ukraine Mykhaylo Papiyev considers Ukrainian politicians are necessary to calm their power ambitions in order to carry out necessary reforms. He said that yesterday in an interview.

“Every political force is necessary to calm down its power ambitions. I say it about everybody, including myself. Our actions must be based on unity of the State, territorial integrity, integrity of Ukrainian ethnos” he said.

It necessary that politicians to understand that except power and thirst for power, there are more global things,” he added.

According to him, this is necessary for further fulfillment of reform in Ukraine and for reasonable foreign policy.

“I as for one, was either in power and opposition. For me it is important to elaborate general course for Ukraine’s stability. There must be a specific aim for country to achieve,” Papiyev said.

He has noted that today many reforms need significant changes into legislation and the Basis law. 300 votes are necessary to do this. “So we must not have any coalition but wide coalition with 300 votes to adopt necessary decisions and to unite the country around these issues,” he said.

According to him, it is necessary to find consensus on all levels –from public to parliament and President.


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