Famous psychotherapist Anatoliy Kashpirovsky claims that in the near future the entrance to Ukraine may be forbidden for him because of the statements of the Party of Regions, which has accused Kashpirovsky of agitation for the BYuT.

“I have received non official information from Kyiv that supposedly an action is being prepared to proclaim me a persona non grata, because I supposedly have taken part in the election agitation on the side of Tymoshenko. This is an absolute lie. I want my words to be heard via mass media as the warning report. If somebody decides to such actions, it will be pure schizophrenia,” Kashpirovsky said.

“I was far from the politics and I haven’t participated anywhere, and I haven’t said any word for any of the politicians. And to discuss that he “may give a set”, so anybody can give a set!” he added.


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