Today at 10 a.m. near the office of the Party of Regions Kharkiv representatives of the Party of Regions has started political meeting with the demand to discharge Mykhaylo Dobkin from the post of the mayor of the city and Gennadiy Kernes from the post of Secretary of Kharkiv city council.

“Kharkiv is tired of the lawlessness of the Heads of local authority. How can a man with the former conviction be a Secretary of the city council? How can Dobkin and Kernes be on their posts, after their party leader Viktor Yanukovych has recognized the lawlessness in the city? We have come here in order to demand the discharge of Kharkiv mayor and Secretary of the city council, and we will not leave till the corresponding decision to be published,” the member of the action stated.

The following slogans are on the broadsheets: “Dobkin disgraces Kharkiv”, “Viktor Fedorovych, do not smash Kharkiv!”, “Discharge Dobkin and Kernes, as you have promised Kharkiv citizens!”

According to the participants of the action, in the nearest time it is planned to set up tents near the office of the Party of Regions, where the participants will live till the end of the action.


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