“Our Ukraine” –“People’s Self-Defense” bloc expresses sympathy with people who suffered from the accident in Lviv region and considers this catastrophe as a proof of chaos and lack of competence in Ukrainian economy’s management, according to “Our Ukraine” –“People’s Self-Defense” bloc press service.

“There were several serious accidents on Ukraine's railways since Mr. Rudkovsky took office. Mr. Shufrych demonstrated the worst and inappropriate qualities for his sphere of competence. It took him three days to come to the place of events. We insist that the activity of the Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky and the Extraordinary Minister Nestor Shufrych is a bright example of the governmental inactivity, lack of professional skills and indifference towards people. "Our Ukraine" –"People’s Self-Defense" bloc wants the Cabinet of Ukraine to allocate financial compensation to people who suffered from the accident near Ozhydov. Under the Constitution, it is impossible to fire ministers, as we don’t have the parliament. We call upon the Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych to keep away the Ministers Mr. Rudkovsky and Mr. Shufrych from fulfilling their duties during the investigation of the Lviv region accident,” “Our Ukraine” –“People’s Self-Defense” bloc statement says.

Local and foreign experts have called this event the greatest technogenic catastrophe in Ukraine since Chernobyl accident.


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