Minister of Emergency situations Nestor Shufrych states that now there is no danger for the environment after the accident in Lviv region. He told journalists after the conference at the headquarter of accident consequences liquidation, which is situated near the place of accident in Bussky district of Lviv region.

The Minister also noted: “This is not true that there is lack of bread in villages”. Besides, he said that “water is quite eligible for usage”.

In turn, vice Prime Minister Olexander Kuzmuk informed about new stage of accident liquidation, which foresees the lifting of undamaged tanks with yellow phosphorus and environment cleaning.

According to Kuzmuk, all survived tanks with yellow phosphorus will be transferred back to Kazakhstan. “The President gave 10 days for this,” he said. The vice PM said that the tanks “will not be gathered here, they will be transferred by one-two”.

Also, according to him, around the place of accident the layer of soil will be taken off and transported to Kazakhstan for recycling.


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