The list of unique sights is being charted in the capital of Ukraine.

The world project “New 7 Wonders of the World” proclaimed the ten main candidates for this honorary title, 7 of which are left to be chosen.

At the same time the project “7 Wonders of Ukraine” has started in Ukraine. 14 objects are the candidates for this title. The voting is going on several websites. The main leaders are The Lavra and the Sophia Kyivska. Other candidates are the following: The House with Chimeras, the Askold grave, the St.Andrew’s Church and others. According to the secretary of the project “7 Wonders of Ukraine” Olexandr Brygynets, the final list will be proclaimed on March 26.

“The Ukrainian wonders as well as the world wonders will be announced on June 7. On that magic day all Ukrainians celebrate Ivana Kupala,” Olexandr Brygynets said.


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