Deputy head of the VRU Mykola Tomenko considers in the elections preparation it is necessary to provide social stability in the country first of all, but not only their date. He told in an interview, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

Tomenko is concerned that after all agreements reached by the parties the negotiation process in the working group is only formal but not constructive.

“Positive moment is that major part of my propositions concerning elections conduct were taken into consideration by political opponents. But unfortunately political discussion (mainly by coalition efforts) is reduced up to elections date," he said. 

According to Tomenko, date of early elections is not main problem for the society. “It is a short-term question concerning interpretation of elections results by different political parties. Opposition intends to hold elections as soon as possible until social campaign of power, the coalition tries to make ”something” for society before elections to provide better result for elections,” Tomenko said.

According to Tomenko, the society is interested in whether the political conflict is solved after elections or political instability will prevail in the country after elections. So politicians should negotiate on constructive parameters of early elections but not only their date.

“It is clear that elections will take place by all means. So discussion should be aimed at crisis resolution after early parliamentary elections,” he added.


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