Yanukovych is confident that there are no objective grounds for Parliament’s dissolution. The Head of Government told a press conference, “Cabinet press office” informed.

As the Prime Minister noted, the coalition Government had provided in a short time stable high rates of the economy growth. The average monthly rates of GDP growth and industrial production increased twofold and real wages increased by 18%. A total-lot implementation of the State Budget was achieved and due to cooperation between the Government and Parliament a key, significant step was made towards accedence to the WTO. All these achievements put the basis for carrying out system reforms which could turn Ukraine into a modern, competitive state, the PM stressed.

According to Viktor Yanukovych, the political tension resulted from the only subjective source concerning difficulties of an uneasy process of transition from the presidential to parliamentary-presidential form of government. But, in the PM’s opinion, all disputes could be settled in a legitimate way and notably with the help of the Constitutional Court’s ruling.

The same way, the Prime Minister noted, the President had to follow while solving an issue on snap parliamentary elections or enlarging the coalition. Instead, unfortunately, the President decided to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada in an unconstitutional way.

According to the Head of Government, another reason for the current political crisis are destructive actions of the parliamentary opposition which instead of searching for common decisions chose the language of ultimatum and instead of discussions – attempts to upset work of the Verkhovna Rada.

Evident attempts of the opposition to press for pre-term elections were caused by unwillingness to submit to their defeat in March of 2006. And they struggled for revenge by damaging democracy development.

The only way out of the political crisis in Ukraine, according to Viktor Yanukovych, is negotiating, dialogue and searching for a compromise. He thinks that an issue on snap elections should be removed from the agenda until the Constitutional Court’s ruling at least.

As the Prime Minister says, the Government intends to stir up talks within the limits of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. In any circumstances we ensure tranquility and stability in the country.

“I consider everyone should adhere to the laws of Ukraine, comply with the legal field and Constitution,” Viktor Yanukovych underscored.


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