Today at the last Government’s session of the current year the Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych expressed satisfaction of its work. ForUm’s correspondent informs

In particular Yanukovych noted that today’s session is 23d since its work, and all members of the Government managed to consider more than 700 significant questions for the country.

According to Yanukovych, the main achievement of the country is overcoming the “budget deficit about UAH 7 milliard of August 1.” The Ministry of Finance coped with its task, having left practically no debts.

Moreover, Yanikovych noted that one of the Cabinet’s achievements is demonstrated ability “to manage those resources” that were at the disposal of the Government. According to the PM, all funds were used with the purpose.

The Government also managed to raise economic growth that for the last period made 8.3%. “I hope by the end of this year we reach the rate of GDP growth by 7%,” he noted.

Yanukovych also stressed that dynamic of economic growth, fixed in 2006 should stay the same in 2007.


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