Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych met with Coal Industry Minister Serhiy Tulub to discuss building of seven new mines in Donetsk, Luhansk and Lviv regions.

According to Tulub, science and technique department of Coal Ministry has considered projects of 25 sites for building of new mines, prepared by institutes of coal industry. Seven the most thick and economically promising projects were selected: three ones in Donetsk region and in twos in Luhansk and Lviv regions.

The minister said all documents are agreed and this issue will be discussed on today’s session of the Ministry’s board. Tulub underlined that “due to setting into operation seven new mines Ukraine will get extra 17.7 mln tons of coal, 70% of which are energy coal.  

He added that these would be the first mines built for the last 25 years.

In his turn Yanukovych said that the construction of new mines will allow providing the energetic security of the country, using high quality coal instead of natural gas, which is consumed now at thermoelectric power stations.

The question on complete construction of the mine “Novovolynskaya-10”, being under construction almost for 20 years, was considered in the scope of the meeting. According to the Minister, next year it is planned to put into operation the first starting complex that will allow producing 300 thousand tons of coal annually.

Moreover, Tulub informed the Prime Minister that next year the consumption of the natural gas at the thermoelectric power stations is planned to be reduced, and gas will be substituted for high quality native coal by 50%.

During the meeting the Head of the Government noted the necessity of increase of tariff rates and workers’ salaries of coal field as a result of increase of the minimum salary next year.


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