President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko states its readiness to consider the governmental proposals regarding the reformation of the coal-mining industry. Taking into consideration the close ties between reformation of the industry and the draft budget-2007, the President of Ukraine will back constructive solutions of the Cabinet even if they are “pragmatic and unpopular,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a First Deputy of the President’s Secretariat told Monday at the Cabinet’s enlarge meeting.

Earlier, the Cabinet intended to create NJC Ugol Ukraine (Coal of Ukraine) as a part of the coal industry reformation program for 2007. On September 18, delivering a speech in Luhansk, PM Yanukovich elucidated that Ukrainian coal mines may work only within the vertically integrated companies: the mines extracting coking coal may work with metallurgical companies, the mines extracting steam coal – with energy companies. Moreover, the closed mines are subjected to be renewed if they have coal balance. The state and private investment will be considered for implementation of this project, PM Yanukovich told in Luhansk.

Along with the PM’s statement, Ukraine’s Coal Minister Serhiy Tulub reported the profile ministry on behalf of Victor Yanukovich had imposed a moratorium on mines’ shutdown.


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