Speaking at the new Cabinet's first session, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych expressed his conviction that understanding, which had been reached between Ukraine's political elites, would allow to unite the Ukrainian society. “The Ukrainian people have never been an aggressive nation. So, when we united with our partners a similar process can be expected to start within the Ukrainian society,” Viktor Yanukovych stated his belief.

As Viktor Yanukovych stressed, his Government, which has been formed, as a result of a compromise, will be able to work stably for at least five years and to improve significantly the people's living standards.

Yanukovych stated his intention to change significantly mechanisms of the Government's interactions with the Parliament, the regions, as well as to renovate the management system of executive authority bodies. Viktor Yanukovych also backed carrying out the tax and administrative reforms, further adjusting Ukraine's legislation to European norms and standards.

In the Government's work, he said, we will actively rely on our predecessors' attainments, which must be capitalized upon.

Ukraine’s PM declares that the 2007 budget bill will be adopted after the Government has endorsed its Action Plan. As Viktor Yanukovych stressed, he had no intention to totally discard the former Government's budget-related work.


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