Chief of Staff Oleh Rybachuk, Coal Minister Victor Topolov, Industrial Minister Volodymyr Shandra, and Energy Minister Ivan Plachkov accompany the President Yushchenko in his trip.  
Victor Yushchenko has introduced Volodymyr Lohvinenko, newly appointed Donetsk Governor, to the regional officials, the president press office informs.

Chief of Staff Oleh Rybachuk recited a decree to appoint Lohvinenko the governor.

The President then thanked ex-governor Vadym Chuprun for his work. He said Chuprun had been appointed in hard economic and political times but managed to cooperate with all the regional parties and industrial directors.
Speaking before the audience, Victor Yushchenko has said it was vital to introduce administrative reform in Ukraine.

“Each square meter of the territory should be profitable, and local governments are responsible for that,” he said, when explaining the essence of fiscal changes.

The Head of State then urgedthe governmenttoprofoundly change the system of budget planning in order to make the regions financially self-sufficient.

“Territorial budgets must never follow the central budget but the other way round,” he opined, characterizing this approach as European.

The President said the existing system of local self-government was not effective.

“It is irrational to concentrate so many resources in the center, leaving almost nothing for the regions,” he said, pointing out that such disproportions gave rise to budget schemes and manipulations.

Then he stated that this reform would consolidate all the regions of Ukraine: “I am convinced we have partners in every region to carry out these new policies.”


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