Acting PM Yuri Yekhanurov states that he does not care of the portfolios, posts and chairs.

“I’ve got much experience. When I was 25 I was commissioned a works manager. These chairs are not important for me. I do care of interesting work,” said Yekhanurov.

He stressed that he had interesting work in the Cabinet as well as in Verkhovna Rada. “It all depends on a person. When a foreman, I had a hard time of it because I had been learning to work after the technical secondary school,” added Yuri Ivanovych Yekhanurov.

Speaking about current state of the economics, Yekhanurov emphasised that the Cabinet has handed down the economics in “the calm state.”

“We will see all what have been done for the last five months… I suppose, everything will be alright. We will try to work for everything to be good,” opined Yekhanurov.

He stressed that it was the first time of Ukrainian history when the Cabinet has abdicated to the newly elected Verkhovna Rada.


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