A criminal case has been instituted against officials of state enterprises “Avtodor” in connection with the building of helipad for presidents of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The “Avtodor” director is arrested and jailed in Chernihiv holding cell.

In 2002 the state allocated more than four hundred thousand US dollars for building road between settlements of Chernihiv region. However, “Avtodor” officials spent a part of the allocated money for building a drive to the farm in Chaikino village, in which then President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma was born, “Vysoky val” reported.

Another part of the means was spent for building a helipad in Senkovka village (Chernihiv region). In summer 2003 Leonid Kuchma, Vladimir Putin and Aleksandr Lukashenko arrived there by helicopters to take part in the festival “Slavic friendship.” Since the festival no helicopter has ever landed there.


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