A fair amount of ceremonies, actions and omens of Holy Week fall on Maundy Thursday. Traditionally on this day people bake Easter cakes.

Easter cake is not a simple ritual bread, it symbolize Christ’s body, and before baking it is necessary to pray in order to cleanse thoughts and ideas.

On Maundy Thursday it is necessary to prepare body for Easter, to wash carefully, as on Maundy Thursday water washes away all diseases and protects from squabbling.

Starting from today and till Sunday all church services will be devoted to earthly sufferings of Jesus Christ.

History of Maundy Thursday’s origin goes back to the Lord's Supper, when Jesus washed apostles’ feet, having shown an example of brotherly love.

Holy candle, made on Maundy Thursday, protects dwellings from fire, and those who live there – from diseases. Exactly this candle brings live fire, lighted in churches on this day. It is necessary to bring the burning candle in the house, trying not to blow it out in any circumstances.

There is a popular belief that on Maundy Thursday God lets souls of righteous men go to earth to celebrate “The Dead’s Easter”.

According to people’s belief, having entered a church at night it is possible to see the dead glorifying Jesus’ resurrection and dead priests celebrating church service. But one should not meet with them, as the dead become aggressive at this time.


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