Today Ukrainian government will conduct a meeting, on which it is planned to consider action plan on stabilization of the situation on the Spit Tuzla Island, Crimea. The plan was proposed by Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine. Cabinet is to consider variants of engineering decisions of the island’s fortification, in particular, erection of rock-filled construction of certain configuration.

Specialists of “ChernomorNDIproject” have prepared programs, which provide for several stages, among which there are hydrological and geological researches. It will be conducted a mathematic modeling of consequences of the proposed programs and submitted proposals concerning marginally needed works for the near future.

As a reminder, there is a unique natural estuary with rare fauna on the territory of Tuzla Island. Since 1873 water level on the island has increased by nine cm. According to specialists, increase of water level by one cm brings to loss of three meters of land. Experts fear that if engineering works on island’s defense and arrangement are not finished by spring-summer of the current year, Ukraine may bid farewell to this strategic lot.


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