Finance Minister of Ukraine Victor Pinzenyk considers that the consideration of Russian gas supply to Ukraine and gas transit via territory of our state should be started from nothing, as he declared in the air of “1+1” TV Channel.

According to him, Finance Ministry is worried over reached gas agreement with Russia. First of all, Pinzenyk noted, the agreement does not provide for guarantee of gas supply and stable price. Another problem is that separate agreements on gas supply and gas transit make Ukraine vulnerable.

Pynzenyk said that there is a way out of this situation – to start the negotiations from the beginning. According to the Minister, there are unbiased grounds to balance interests of both sides. “Russia has gas, but doesn’t have pipelines. We have a pipeline, but lack for gas. So, we can seek for compromise of interests of both sides. I understand the Russian side when it asks for transit guarantees, but I don’t understand why we haven’t got the same guarantees on gas supply and gas price,” said Pinzenyk.

According to him, the Ukrainian society is not explained that “Ukrainian pipeline is not an ordinary pipeline, but a unique phenomenon in the world. It is possible to build a pipeline in any place, but to have a system, which maintains pressure all over Europe and provides for export, is impossible. We shouldn’t ignore a unique advantage of Ukraine, which lets us to speak about gas on equal terms,” noted Finance Minister.


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