FC Shakhtar President Rinat Akhmetov stated Alchevsk Mayor must report back to the football club for the money FC given to the town. As it became to be known that the coaches and the football players shared the part of their $1-million prize for the victory in Israel to Alchevsk and Ukrainian junior football clubs.

“I think Alchevsk Mayor must invite the club and make a report how he has spent the funds. The football players and the coaches may know how their prize was spent. I think it is normal and logical deed. Our team will be glad to visit Alchevsk, meet the residents and the Mayor,” said Akhmetov.

He stressed that $500,000 was given to Alchevsk in all sincerity. “It was quite understood that we gave money there where it was necessary,” stressed FC Shakhtar Akhmetov.

He added that it was the decision of the team not its own will.


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