Today Appeal Court of Kyiv, which hears “Gongadze case”, granted a petition of the accused Oleksandr Popovich, who asked to postpone legal investigation, referring to his bad state of health.

Andriy Fedur, lawyer of Gongadze’s mother, Lesya Gongadze, commented on the submitted petition, having noted that he has an impression that the accused wittingly try to delay the trial.

“It seems serious epidemic of diseases has started, the accused will do everything possible to delay legal proceedings,” said Fedur.

The hearing was postponed to February 16. Chief judge Iryna Grygorieva noted that, in her belief, there should be enough time for examination and treatment with follow-up presentation of health certificate.

Mother of the journalist Georgy Gongadze, Lesya Gongadze, declared she will not attend legal proceedings till the court interrogates the accused and all witnesses.

“I will be able to come only after the interrogation of those poor people (she pointed to the accused – ed.) and witnesses is finished,” said Gongadze speaking in the Appeal Court of Kyiv, where she was called from Lviv.

Once again she noted that she is against this trial. According to her words, to recognize court’s justice she needs results of the last DNA expertise, as the previous four expertises of the body’s remains stated that they do not belong to Gongadze.

She added that she will recognize the accused as murderers only when they show her where the head of her son is.


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