“I was impatiently waiting for the ratings. Everything has consequences in politics,” a member of Our Ukraine Bloc Yuri Artemenko commented on BYuT rating fall.

“There was a little difference between BYuT and Our Ukraine Bloc ratings in December. We expected gas events to have an impact on. We expected people to understand what a voting for the government’s sacking meant,” he said.

“When I look at this Bloc, an English proverb occurs to me. He that lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas,” he said.

“Political inconsistency of the BYuT, their unscrupulousness in the choice of political partners led to the fall of their rating. But I have doubts that representatives of this Bloc will make right conclusions from what has happened,” Artemenko noted.

“This political force takes an interest in the very power, but not in the future of Ukraine,” he stressed.


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