The Verkhovna Rada dismissed the government referring to article 85, item 12 of Constitution of Ukraine, which provides for consideration of free-will resignation of a Premier or any minister. There were no such applications, as declared Minister of Justice Serhiy Holovaty to journalists Wednesday.

Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov has started the government’s session from the question to all ministers, if any of them delivered a resignation application or declared about such intention verbally. Having found out that nobody sent in the resignation, the PM reported that he did not do it also.

“Thank you. It has serious legal consequences,” summed up Yekhanurov.

Latecomer Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Lutsenko was asked the same question personally. To laugh of his colleagues, he said he also did not send in resignation.

The Prime Minister underlined that, in accordance with the explanations of legal services, neither Prime Minister nor members of the government would use prefix “acting”. “We are obliged to perform our duties till a new government is formed. We have several months of work, so there will be no “acting” ministers,” said Yekhanurov.


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