The Head of the Special Parliamentary Commission on Kryvorizhstal Ludmila Kirichenko reckons the sale of Kryvorizhstal to be held with violations of the law.

In particular, Kirichenko points out that the very auction and its terms have violated the laws of Ukraine. She forecasted the complicated consequences of it.

The opposite evaluation belongs to the State Property Fund. The deputy Head of it Dmitry Parfenenko called it a perfect procedure of the sale.

“We do everything in accordance with the current legislation,” stated he.

According to him, if someone wants to challenge the results of the auction, the State Property Fund will back the winner of it – Mittal Steel. He also stated that the contract of sale may be signed right now. Mittal will completely pay for Kryvorizhstal during the next month.
The Director of Smart-group Vadim Novinsky expressed his own opinion on the auction. According him, the final price for Kryvorizhstal is the result of competition between Arcelor and Mittal Steel GmbH. “They are well-known globalizators. They pay especial attention to joining processes of steel mills. Ukrainian government made a right step to hold open auction for Kryvorizhstal ,” said Novinsky.

Evidently to sell large enterprises by auction is the new Ukrainian trend. Kryrovorozhsky Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise will follow kryvorizhstal and be sold by auction, deputy Head of the state Property Fund reported after the Kryvorizhstal auction.


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