President Victor Yushchenko has endorsed The Regulations on the NSDC Apparatus, Cabinet's press office reported.

In accordance with the document, the NSDC Apparatus is a state body, which is in charge of informational - analytical and organisational support of the NSDC's activity.

This body prepares materials for NSDC sessions, drafts resolutions, analyses national security threats, analyses the Armed Forces' activity.

The NSDC Apparatus is entitled to receive information from state authority bodies, local self-government bodies, institutions, organisations, enterprises, which is necessary for executing its functions, to use other bodies' databases.

The NSDC Secretary exercises general guidance of the NSDC Apparatus.

The NSDC Secretary

1. organises drafting proposals with regard to planning the NSDC's activity;

2. submits draft presidential acts to the President, which deal with enactment of the NSDC's decisions in matters of internal, foreign, security policies;

3. organises work relating to preparing and holding NSDC sessions, exercises control over implementation of NSDC decisions;

4. submits proposals, resulting from checks into implementation of NSDC decisions by officials;

5. informs the President and NSDC members about implementation of NSDC decisions, informs them, in line with the President's errands, about the Armed Forces' development and reformation, about the Armed Forces' paramilitary bodies' performance, their efficacy, about law enforcement bodies' steps to prevent and combat crime.


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