Cabinet of Ministers, headed by Yulia Timoshenko, did not justify the people’s trust, which is evident from the poll’s results.
According to data,
  • Cabinet’s actions concerning preventing from price increase for foodstuffs were recognized as successful by 10% of respondents, unsuccessful – by 83%;
  • actions concerning creation of new working places were recognized successful by 19% of respondents, unsuccessful – by 65%;
  • initiatives concerning increasing of the people's living standards were recognized successful by 24% of respondent, unsuccessful – by 69%;
  • actions concerning preventing from hryvnia’s devaluation and inflation were recognized successful by 29%, unsuccessful – by 59%;
  • actions concerning fight against corruption and criminality were recognized successful by 31% of respondents, unsuccessful – by 59%;
  • actions concerning determination of opposition’s rights and preventing from political repressions were recognized successful by 31%, unsuccessful – by 48%;
  • actions concerning re-privatization were recognized successful by 33%, unsuccessful – by 49%;
  • actions concerning realization of Eurointegration aspirations were recognized successful by 33%, unsuccessful – by 44%.

Level of trust to the main political figures was falling down during August-September period. According to results, level of trust to President Victor Yushchenko has reduced to 51%, to PM Yulia Timoshenko on the eve of dismissal it made 50%, to VR Chairman Vladimir Litvin – 49%.

As a result of dismissal, Timoshenko’s rating can increase due to mental ability of Ukrainians to express trust to those, who “were offended.”

The poll was conducted from August 25 to September 5 in all administrative-territorial units of Ukraine. It has been questioned 2687 respondents.


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