The president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, charged the Department of State Affairs with liquidation of "Presidentsky Vestnik" ("Presidential Herald") and "Presidentsky Kontrol" ("Presidential Control") newspapers. The decree of the head of the state admitted the direction of 2003, which had approved the newspapers' publication, to be stale.

The Department of State Affairs has to provide the dismissal law observance concerning the staff of these newspapers, "Glavred"” informed.

Additionally to this resolution, the president of Ukraine introduced changes into the other decrees and directions. In particular, he excluded "Prezidentsky Vestnik" from the list of editions publishing the legal texts.

He also excluded the above mentioned edition from the list of editions which published the works participating in the contest for the Shevchenko National Prize.

We remind that "Presidentsky Vestnik" was founded by the Department of State Affairs and was printed by the circulation equaled to 18,000 copies.


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