Well known Russian businessman Boris Beresovsky assumes that Russian political technologist Gleb Pavlovsky could be privy to poisoning of president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in September, 2004.

"I know Pavlovsky well enough and I can assume that the version of the candidate Victor Yushchenko’s removal from political stage could appear in Kremlin. And Mr. Pavlovsky could be one of initiators of this idea", - said Beresovsky.

The former Russian oligarch does not except that his life can be in danger after coming to Ukraine. "I have some fears concerning Kremlin’s reaction. If there were attempts to settle a score with me in London, certainly they would make an effort to repeat it in Ukraine", - said Beresovsky.

The businessman declared that in any case he intended to come to Kiev; however he would not negotiate with Ukrainian power concerning this question. "Such negotiations are quite wrong. There is no sense to "expose" power. New Ukrainian president declared "building" of democratic and modern state. So, my arrival is a pure formality", - Beresovsky considers.

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