Kyiv is the main and one of the most beautiful cities of the state, which citizens aspire to European values, freedoms and opportunities. The media cover hundreds of articles and reports romanticizing image, life and aspirations of EuroMaidan.
Lately it has been not the done thing to talk about negative side of the mass protests. Paraphrasing the words of a notorious Kyiv resident, there is no bare light, and it is impossible to tear off all the Earth's shadows. EuroMaidan is associated not only with the veil of civic unity, involvement in the formation of Ukraine's modern history, but with much more mundane things as well. Unsightly condition of the city center, for example.

The author is aware of all the risks linked to description of the unpopular side of protesters’ life. However, we can’t hush up the phenomena, which, by and large, the participants of peaceful protests could well do without. Democracy still implies pluralism of opinions and views. All the more so the shattered the center of Kyiv firmly separates Ukraine from the European democracy and European values . The devil, as they say, is in the details. Especially, in unsightly ones.
Let’s look at “dark” side of Maidan 

Street benches, used for building barricades, or sometimes just broken. Practice shows that the city is full of much less valuable construction material for strategic fortifications. By the way, destruction of trees in the Khreshchatyk Street for the needs of Euro-2012 was negatively perceived by society. The topic of benches is not widely raised. Or it was a crucial must to smash them?

Captured building of the Kyiv City State Administration. However, it’s not just captured. One can see broken windows and doors, painted walls, demolished gates. According to the law, the public shall have right of access to the building. However, the law does not stipulate that the public can do whatever they want, having got the access. Or, maybe, the rule of law remains a euphonious phrase until Ukraine officially becomes the EU member?

Tents, set up right in the fountains in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square. Did fountains hamper signing of the association agreement? Did protesters want to look for another place?

Pursuing the topic of tents, which pegs have been hammered directly into the asphalt. Yes, the quality of domestic roads is far away from Europe. However, is it a reason for aggravating the problem? Will we have normal asphalt along with such habits?

Trash cans, modified to "fireplaces". Ever and again, the mountains of rubbish, inevitably formed in crowded places, are moved from EuroMaidan territory. No matter sometimes rubbish is moved to cordon of internal troops officers. Barrels were perfectly adapted for heating protesters. So why were the fires made in trash cans? To reach aesthetic effect?

Decorative fence in downtown Kyiv also suffered. Part of grates was used for fortifying purposes. Another part obviously prevented the free movement of people. Well, it is easier to pull down than to build.

Zero kilometer sign or simply “the globe” in Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square was also "introduced" to the struggle for European Ukraine. At least the lamps are already broken. Did that happen by accident or have a symbolic meaning?

Barricaded underground walkways and streets. Local residents may give you many "seditious and abusive" non-revolutionary comments on this matter.

The toppled monument to Lenin is still open to discussions. Its necessity for Kyiv is number ten on priority list. However, was it a necessity to dismantle the "leader of the revolution" in that way? Or vandalism is already in tune with European values?

According to the protesters, the New Year tree, begun to be erected in Maidan, can’t be a symbol of the coming year after the events of November 30. Instead, a living tree is set up near the Kyiv City State Administration, which has long been promised to be decorated. OK. Though, was there a need to destroy might-have-been New Year symbol, turning it into a barricade?

Sooner or later, EuroMaidan action will cease to exist in its present form. Otherwise, it is doomed to be the tent camp in front of the Pechersk district court in Khreschatyk Street, which hardly anyone pays attention to.

The question remains how it will cease to exist for the main and one of the most beautiful cities of the state, which citizens aspire to European values, freedoms and opportunities. Will protesters go home, leaving smell of smoke and destruction as a remembrance of their stay in the capital? Will the rearrangement of the streets again be duty of public utilities’ workers?

So, what is Kyiv guilty of?

photos made by author

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