Ukraine and Poland had been preparing to the staging of Euro-2012 for a long and complicated time. Though foreign mass media were criticizing the hosts and though there were doubts the project would be done, we managed to prepare by the opening day at June 8. Back then nobody could have thought the football championship would be over so soon.

UEFA President Michel Platini says Poland and Ukraine have organised a UEFA EURO 2012 that will live long in the memory, and which leaves behind an important legacy for the co-hosts.

"Poland and Ukraine have organised a fantastic tournament which will remain in our memories," said Mr Platini. "EURO 2012 has left the best legacy that we could have ever produced," he added, "and my overriding feeling today is one of pride. Poland and Ukraine have showed themselves to be up to the task of organising the tournament."

According to the official, Euro-2012 has become a good promotion campaign of Ukraine and Poland in the whole world.

ForUm has asked experts and politicians what are the impressions the football festival has left.

Mykhailo Chechetov, deputy head of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction:

- All those involved in the organization process of the championship have done a great job, a great festival for football players and fans - the festival of sport, body beauty, health, peace and friendship. And those who tried to sabotage have failed.

The festival is a success. Our national team demonstrated good football, and though it failed to get to the final and win, the team left the field with their heads high, and fans appreciated the gesture. Euro has improved the image of the country. Even English fans appreciated the welcoming and beauty of our country. As far as I know the fans has filed a complaint against BBC for misinformation.
Dutch fans in Kharkiv were throwing out political T-shirts in the garbage. They appeared to be more intelligent than our politicians. Thanks God, and thanks to the President, government, parliament, fans, team and Michel Platini the festival has been a success. As UEFA chief says, Ukraine has made thirty steps ahead with the help of this festival.

What is more important is that when Euro-2012 in over and players and fans are gone we will still have the stadiums, roads, hotels, bridge - we've become richer in this respect. Ukraine has demonstrated the whole world it is capable to carry out mass-scale events as any modern European democratic country.

Oleh Lyashko, MP of Ukraine, non-factional:

- Emotions vary. On one hand, I am deeply sad about the results of our team, and not because they played bad, but because of the unjust refereeing. On the other hand I am pleased that all those who criticized Ukraine for racism and other alleged problems are now apologizing for misinformation. Platini admitted that Euro in Ukraine was the most successful for the whole history of the championship. It's nice to feel proud of the country. Euro-2012 has succeeded, and succeeded at the highest level.

I am sure that our country has become popular thanks to the championship. And I hope foreigners will no longer ask such questions as "Ukraine? Where is it? Somewhere next to Russia?".

In general, I am very happy that foreigners recognize our country as the best, and our nation as the most hospitable. And I am happy that whatever they were told about racism problems, we don't have those, and hopefully never will.

Taras Chornovil, MP of Ukraine, non-factional:

- Well, I don't feel some hog-wild enthusiasm about Euro. When we received the confirmation about Ukraine being a co-host of Euro-2012 there was a certain boom. Everybody thought that the staging of Euro-2012 was an ensured membership in the European Union. Everybody expected that by the opening of the championship Ukraine would have visa free regime with the EU. Everything turned out to be different.

Though I don't have some special impressions about Euro-2012, the very staging of the games has not done any harm. The guests have seen that Ukraine is a normal country with good people, not a racial preserve. Hence, there is a certain improvement, at least at the moral level.

Bohdan Benyuk, honoured artist of Ukraine:

- Everything has finished very fast. I and my friends have an impression like the championship has never happened. We were expecting some major events, but those matches came and went.

Everybody says there are plenty positive things left after the Euro. I don't know, we will see. But I think that those finances invested in the preparation will not be recovered.

As for the fact that now foreigners will think of us as of hospitable people, it does make any difference. It would be better if the European countries supported us in other, political issues.

Oleksand Holub, MP of Ukraine, Communist party faction:

- When our team dropped out, the emotions changed - no more worries, but pure joy to follow the games. I cannot say that Euro-2012 has left some special memories. But as a sport festival, when people are tired of politics, Euro indeed has been a real distraction.


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