I bow to the memory of those innocently killed by the Holodomor.

Even now, the tragedy of 1932-1933 is difficult to comprehend. It was a real Armageddon, when people were loosing their human essence because of hunger.

Therefore, this national tragedy that has devoured millions of innocent people, is no subject to oblivion.

Much has been and is being done since Ukraine claimed independence to perpetuate the memory of those killed by the Holodomor. Memorial signs, monuments and even entire memorials are established.

The most touching are monuments and memorials built by a folk custom, for the community money. This is an old Ukrainian tradition. By the way, long before any government decisions, the first such memorial cross was consecrated on August 12, 1990 not far from Lubny, near the Mharsk monastery, with full observation of the Orthodox ritual, in the presence of tens of thousands of people from all over Ukraine and from abroad.

At the same place, according to the Cossack tradition, the Mound of Mourning was placed and the Great Vitche Bell put over the Kyiv-Kharkiv road, near the Mharsk monastery, in the presence of thousands of people. Since then, memorial services are being held there annually. This memorial is now known worldwide.

It had happened, I repeat it, before any government decisions. Then the state took over the matter. And that – to its honor.

However, when these sad commemorations have begun to resemble a conveyor, when at numerous gatherings and round tables some so-called "scientists" have begun throwing around with ease the numbers of those, who died of starvation – 3 million – 5 million –7 million and even more, it became a blasphemy. After all, even one person’s death is an uncompensated loss not only for the family, but also for the Cosmos. So how can one throw around millions at the abacus as though it is something insignificant? It is an unforgivable sin.

We must finally adhere to the principle: "As of today, on the basis of documents and testimonies of witnesses the proven number is so much. The search continues and the horrible figure is being specified based on it.”

In these mournful days we would not like to turn to critical analysis, but we must speak the truth and only truth in order to not devaluate the sacrament of universal grief with hasty calculations.

Let us all together once again bow to the Memory of innocent victims of the Holodomor and pledge to do everything to ensure that such horror never threatens Ukraine again!


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