Interior Ministry is concerned about the fact that participants in riots continue to accuse the authorities of committing provocations even after the recent events related to the alleged kidnapping of activists of EuroMaidan and AutoMaidan, detention of individual armed citizens, violences in the city center and beating people. 

After yesterday's explosion, the EuroMaidan commandants once again accused someone of provocation - bringing a box with the inscription "medicines" in the House of Trade Unions.
"However, this version raises several questions. In particular, no one except for members of the right-wing organization could get to the fifth floor as they guard the building by themselves," Ministry’s statement says.

Furthermore, it is not clear why medicines were carried to the 5th floor, where the rights activist sector locates, if the first-aid post is in a different place?

The police also criticize incomprehensible position of commandants of the captured buildings.

"They personally decide not to allow police officers enter the premises, who are required to carry out inspection of the events there and gather the necessary evidence," report notes.

In addition, the police drew attention to the kind of the frequency with which the resonant events around EuroMaidan happen.

"It is already a trend that some incident with participants happens at the end of the week, and it gives a formal occasion to gather the next people’s assembly," the Interior Ministry says.


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