The government has approved the initiative of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine to amend the procedure for providing the disabled with rehabilitation aids. Draft resolution of the government was developed in the framework of the State Target Program "National Plan of Action for Implementation of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities till 2020", the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.
"The existing Procedure for provision of technical and other aids for rehabilitation of the disabled persons, children with disabilities, and other groups of population must be improved. It is necessary in order to improve social protection of disabled people," said Natalia Korolevska, Acting Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine.
The approved changes envision provision with technical and other rehabilitation aids for persons with disabilities in case of occupational injury, which cannot be paid from the Fund of Social Insurance Against Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases, experts say.
"For example, if a disabled person suffered a double injury, one as accupational injury and another one from a common disease, the Social Insurance Fund will provide rehabilitation aids only to persons with occupational injury. Now, such person will be able to get help related to common disease as well," Korolevska explained. 
According to experts, the procedure simplifies providing the disabled persons with rehabilitation aids, including special cell phones for visually impaired and hard-hearing children. The procedure also expands the list of diseases, for which women are provided with prosthetics paid for from the state budget.

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