Hryvnia deposit today brings higher returns than buying currency, executive director of the Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks Serhiy Mamedov said in comments to BTB channel.

"Now it is good to do make profitable hryvnia deposits. The dollar rate is still quite high, within 8.8 UAH, rates on deposits in local currency also have a very high level of about 20%. Therefore, even those, who have currency, I would recommend to sell it, and place under the hryvnia rate of 20 % for the period, the longer the better," Mamedov said.

According to the financier, now some banks may offer higher rates on deposits to attract and retain customers, as an outflow of deposits is observed in some banks. Mamedov reminded that in case of early withdrawal of deposits, people lose interest and recommended not to take such actions under the influence of emotions.

"I urge all customers of the banking system: be calm, do not take sudden decisions. Situation will stabilize," the banker said.

According to Mamedov, there are currently no economic prerequisites for the depreciation of the national currency, the current dollar exchange rate is formed exclusively under the influence of psychological factors and actions of individual speculators.

Financier said that during the meeting of the leaders of the 20 largest banks in the country with the leaders of the National Bank, held on February 5, representatives of the regulator announced their readiness to undertake a series of measures to stabilize the hryvnia at the rate close to 8 UAH/ USD. 

In particular, measures mean implementation of interventions in the foreign exchange interbank market and reducing the activity of speculators.


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