President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has discussed the fulfillment of tasks the Armed Forces face in 2014 with Acting Minister of Defense Pavlo Lebedev, President’s press office informs.

"I have reported to President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on the situation, the implementation of programs and tasks the Armed Forces face this year. The tasks are being fulfilled, the military personnel are at the home stations doing combat training," Acting Minister of Defense said after the meeting with the Head of State.

Pavlo Lebedev noted that the issue of increasing financial support for servicemen had also been discussed in the course of the meeting.

"There have been problems with the Ministry of Finance but the President has immediately intervened in the process and resolved the case. Thus, I would like to assure that regular increase will take place. In February, the financial support for servicemen will be increased by 20%," Pavlo Lebedev said.

Also, according to him, the parties have discussed the implementation of the program on the provision of housing for servicemen.

"The President has given respective instructions to other ministries. Now we are launching the mechanism of implementation," he stressed.

The Acting Minister of Defense has also informed the Head of State on the transition to the contract-based staffing of the Armed Forces.

"Last year, we fulfilled the plan on contract-based staffing. The task of the President on the transition to a professional, contract-based army is being fulfilled," Pavlo Lebedev emphasized.


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