Ukraine’s Acting Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara has declared in Munich, Germany, that the so-called ‘European way’ does not contradict the development of effective cooperation with the Russian Federation. He stressed the importance of the established course towards European integration for Ukraine and the priority support for good relations with Russia, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

At the Munich Security Conference Kozhara held 15 meetings with foreign politicians, and participated in the panel discussion "Global strength and regional stability with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe." During his speech, he stressed that European integration is a top priority for the further development of Ukraine, which in no way contradicts an effective cooperation with the Russian Federation.

For the record, according to the agreements reached between the governments of Ukraine and Russia in early December 2013, the Russian Federation will give Ukraine a loan through redemption of Eurobonds in the amount of 15 billion USD at 5% per annum. In addition, cooperation programs in aviation, instrument and mechanical engineering, aerospace industry, shipbuilding, etc. were established and are actively developing. At the moment, Russia has bought Ukrainian bonds for 3 billion USD and is preparing to buy out another package for 2 billion USD, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted. He explained that the provision of financial assistance is aimed to help people, not authorities.

"With regard to our willingness to help Ukraine, we believe, that the loan we discussed and the reduction, even gradual, of quarterly energy prices, primarily for gas, are connected with the desire not to support any particular government, but the Ukrainian people," Putin said. 


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