Information about 26 unidentified corpses, which were allegedly found in Kyiv morgue #1 is not true, and is most likely intended to stir up the society, chief of Kyiv Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination Volodymyr Yurchenko told ForUm correspondent.

"We were surprised by this information, incomprehensible lists that do not exist in the bureau. We have certain forms of reporting on this issue, but the forms, which were published, fare not ours. Those forms are not typical of our institutions," Yurchenko said.

Chief of the Bureau suggests that these data are similar to reports of trucks with corpses, allegedly taken to the city morgue. "Those, who spread such information, pursue not quite good goals, I think. They want to stir up our people by throwing the unfounded reports," he said. 

According to Yurchenko, 14 unidentified dead bodies are now in the Kyiv morgue #1, and they will be buried as soon as weather permits.


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