Dramatic changes occurred in the sphere of land relations in 2013. The land legislation was improved, including passing 5 laws and 12 decrees of the Cabinet, which helped simplify, expedite and cheapen the land allocation process, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

In summarizing agency’s performance of 2013, Sergiy Timchenko, Chairman of State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine noted that it was possible to distinguish two existing laws on improving the land allocation procedure which helped significantly reduce corruption risks. The laws that regulate the land market are fully supported by the State Agency of Land Resources who put in a lot of effort to create a transparent land market in Ukraine.

Timchenko also said that one of the major achievements of the industry is elimination of land commissions, which he called "corrupt authorities of collective irresponsibility."

Experts point out that such commissions used to include about ten representatives of various government agencies, which often had no direct relation to approval of the specific site (sanitary-epidemiological service, protection of cultural heritage, etc.). The situation had a very negative effect on allocation of land, as no-show of just one representative would fail the meeting. In case of abuse, people who refused to pay off, could walk in circles for years without the required approvals.


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