Verkhovna Rada chairman Volodymyr Rybak confirms that President Viktor Yanukovych was ready to sign a decree to dissolve Parliament in case of inconclusive vote on the amnesty bill. 

"The President said: If there is no understanding between parliamentarians, if the issues, which authority should solve, are not solved, then I will be forced to consider the dissolution of the Parliament," Rybak quoted the President, ForUm correspondent reports.

When asked if this means that now the issue of the Parliament’s dissolution is irrelevant, speaker said: "Much still should be done to resolve the crisis. People are on Maidan, and let no one think that they will go away tomorrow. We should address the urgent questions".

He added that today the government and the opposition hold quite successful negotiations. "Thank God, opposition listens to power, and power listens to opposition. I believe than no force methods will be applied. The crisis can be resolved only through negotiations," Rybak summed up.


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