Experts have noted consolidation of positive trends in the development of animal production. At year end 2013, Ukraine has managed to maintain and increase the livestock population, for the second consecutive year since independence, Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

At the beginning of 2014, the cattle population was 4.694 million heads, which is up 1% YOY. In 2012, the number of cattle grew to 4.503 million heads, or up 5% YOY.

Agricultural market analysts note that livestock production showed an active growth in 2013. Thus, population of pigs grew to 7.890 million heads (up 4.1%). Population of sheep and goats grew to 1.815 million (up 4.4%). The most active growth was demonstrated by poultry. At the beginning of 2014, their population reached 229.6 million heads (up 7.3%).

The exception is cow population, which is down 0.4%, to 2.545 million heads at the beginning of 2014.
Agrarian market analysts explain the growth of the cattle population in the last two years by the active financial support from the government. Under the state industry support program in 2013 the government issued from the state budget 152.3 million UAH for the maintenance and preservation of young cattle in households.

In 2012, about 340,000 villagers received 305 million UAH as the budget subsidies for the maintenance and preservation of 509,000 heads of young cattle. In 2014 subsidies are planned to be paid for conservation and maintenance of calves in the amount of 300 million UAH that will be issued to 500,000 rural households.


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