The Ministry of Infrastructure has initiated the development of Register of Marine and River Vessels of Ukraine. Attendees of the first meeting of the register say that development of such document will be the instrument to return Ukrainian fleet under Ukrainian flag and give a second wind to domestic shipbuilding, Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

To date, Ukraine has not managed to unlock its sea power potential. Government analysts say, the reasons included impossible efficient development of domestic shipbuilding and absence of favorable conditions that would encourage the ship owners to register their vessels under Ukrainian flag.

The meeting was attended by Volodymyr Sevryukov, Director of State Policy Department for Maritime and River Transport, Hrigory Sobolevski, Chairman of Ukrmorrechinspektsiya, Yuri Vaskov, Chairman of SE "Administration of Ukrainian Seaports," rectors of maritime universities, and representatives of companies operating in maritime business.

Following the workgroup meeting, it was decided that adoption of the Law "On International Register of Maritime and River Vessels of Ukraine" will be the first step towards development of the Register. The document will be drafted in the near future, according to review of similar registers of Panama, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, and other countries.

Experts say the bill will collect and adapt to national cnditions the global standards of a fleet registration procedure, establish acceptable taxation rates both for registration itself and revenue from operation of ships, profitable bank algorithms of participation in sale/purchase of operating vessels and investment in building the new ones.


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